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"When we build,
let us think that
we build forever."

John Ruskin

Our Services

Stone Consultancy

As part of our own projects or working on independent developments we advise Clients in all aspects of the process. When the concept of a project requires the confidence to be able to move forward, one of the most difficult tasks for the team can be making the correct choice of material, not only for colour and finish, but suitability, availability and procurement route. We have an extensive sample room to assist our Clients with their choice of material.

Exploring the chance to provide the most dynamic and beautiful solution for the benefit of the project requires knowledge of materials worldwide. We aim to give our Clients a range of choices to allow confidence and enthusiasm in the decision-making process. We can also provide samples, not only of the materials, but sample panels to allow the Client and team to truly understand the relationship of the chosen materials as a finished piece.

We offer advice on specification, buildability, testing, expansion and control joints, the manufacture process and manufacturers and suppliers in UK and Worldwide. Our in-house design office allows design back up within the Consultative process where either 2 or 3D design is required.

We are happy to build a fee proposal around the Client requirements, to make the most cost effective package for the Client.



Medusa carries out design, development, shop drawings for all aspects of masonry projects. Appointed by Clients or Principal Contractors. We design traditional and modern vertical facades, individual dwellings, hard landscaping to gardens, fountains and stone furniture. We design Internal floors, patterned or otherwise, stone staircases, bathrooms and panelling.

Our work includes 3D design for fountains and other features that can be directly transferred to CNC manufacture.

We are happy to undertake only the design projects to the industry or private Clients.


Supply & Materials

Medusa hold stock of many types of marbles, limestones, Sandstones & Granites, supplying them to the Industry or Clients, if available or by searching the market for the required material. It can be processed though our work shops or sold as slab or block.



Medusa is happy to manufacture for other companies or Clients only as a supplier, producing either based on a design or design it and supply. In our own workshop’s we process from Quarry Block though to the finished packing:

  1. Primary sawing up to 1.1 metre in all materials including Granite

  2. Secondary sawing and profiling

  3. 5 Axis CNC manufacture from 3D files

  4. 3D manufacture from Scan

  5. Polishing

  6. Carving & Banker work

  7. Packing & shipping


We have been lucky to work over the years on some of the great buildings in the UK, carrying out the sensitive repair of the internal and external fabric; also, to complete large complex projects due to our expertise and skills with materials and lime mortars.

Our knowledge from working with many Conservation Architects, Engineers and Authorities means we understand the project management and delivery procedures to complete to our Clients requirements.

We carry out a range of conservation within the Cityscape and to Private Estate, who entrust us with the complete package of Consultancy, Engineering, recording of structure, structural and fine conservation.

We act as Principal Contractors for Conservation appointments and our Management has extensive experience of the standards required with trades such as woodwork, leadwork, and decoration. We are happy to appoint Sub Contractors for associated trades.

We are pleased to tender for contracts up to £5,000,000.00 


Contracting, Design & Build

Medusa has been winning masonry packages for new build contracts for many years. Projects won by tendering and then working with the Architectural team direct for the design and with Main Contractors for the build mean we now have an experienced team of Management, Fixers and Masons.

We carry out structural masonry and cladding for new commercial projects under design & build, or the traditional style of contracts.

We are pleased to tender for contracts up to £5,000,000.00


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